Genius Site Code

Globe Genius would like to assist other web masters in obtaining good serp (search engine rank position / page)

Your website should have basic seo code implemented correctly

Title tag. Make sure it describes your website content. At least 3 words long. Do not make it too long though. The title appears in search engines as a link to your content. Make it interesting and have key words that relate to your web site content. Try not to have more than 70 characters including spaces. Most search engines will not display more than that. Do NOT include your domain name in the title tag. Also do not include html in the title tag as it will probably not be displayed properly. This also applies to your URL. It is recommended not to include it on any other pages of your site as well.

H1 heading: Using more than one H1 heading can be seen as an attempt to manipulate the search engines. The H1 heading should quickly tell what the site and visitors what to expect to find on the web page. No more than 10 words should be used.

To high-lite other important content you can use H2, H3, H4, etc heading tags in relevance to the importance of your content.

The H1 heading is shown on the web page unlike your title tag which people see when doing a search. Do not include your page title. Try to target key words on your site.

Example: <H1>Globe Genius proper website H1 heading code</H1>

Meta description. Should be no more than 150 characters including spaces. This is the amount that most major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) will crawl. If it is longer it will appear to be cut off and not look very professional. It is often used by search bots / crawlers / spiders to describe your site. Most often it will be displayed below your title tag. This will give an idea what the website is about to viewers. Some search engines might crawl up to 250 characters but make sure your key words that relate to your content are included in the first 150 characters. This will insure the crawlers will know what your site is about.

Alt tags: Make sure your pictures have dimensions included and description. Search engines crawl all website content if it is coded properly. You might pick up traffic just by a viewer seeing a picture on your website in a search. Using these tags is basic SEO (search engine optimization). Use key words that relate to the picture. Stuffing key words of your site into pictures can actually drop your site rank. Search engine algorithms are highly advanced and can detect this method of seo called "Black Hat SEO" Be smart and use "White Hat SEO" and the search engines will usually reward you with good traffic. Short term gain using bad tactics can come back to haunt you and your site will have a long struggle back to obtain good S.E.R.P. returns.

Links: To your site should be related to your web site content. They are a valuable part for search engine optimization. Even if a web search does not find your site immediately, a viewer may come to your site because of related content that is linked. Be careful not to over do it as search algorithms may also see this as an attempt to "game" the search results. I would recommend not have more than 10 per page. Add no follow or follow tags to these links can also aid in search returns. Quite often search engines will automatically add no follow tags to your site links as many people try to link to high PR sites in order to get more traffic.

Globe Genius stresses the importance of building your site correctly. You will be the winner in the end. With Billions of view-able pages on the internet, you do need all the help you can get. Once your site is penalized for bad coding, you may never have good search returns again. All your work will have been for nothing. If people like your site, they will ask to link to yours. Make sure their content is related. Stuffing a website with non relative link material may help for awhile, but most usually ends in your site disappearing into oblivion.

The search engine algorithms are updated constantly

and they will find the non related links sooner or later. The internet is much more business related today. Old tactics of obtaining traffic do not work as before. Social media takes much more precedence in search engine optimization in the modern web world. Using sites like Twitter, Mashable and Facebook can also help in internet exposure. Be careful of privacy concerns though as many of these sites share your information to advertisers, That is how they make money with their free products they give you.

Combine URL: Every domain name has 2 URL. The www version and the "naked domain name" Your website can reside at either one. Combining the 2 URL gives your website more "juice" in search returns as you are not splitting your links and content to different web addresses. Use a 301 permanent direct to obtain this. You can choose either one to have as your main site. This is called the canonical URL for your website.