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The term "a stroke of genius" has been used when some one invents or designs a new idea. Sometimes a simple solution can over come complex problems. The ability to problem solve in the work place can give some people the nick-name of "the work genius". The go to person when the crunch is on.

Genius news worth noting. Articles and news stories regarding feats of genius.

May / 2012

India born, raised in Germany teenager cracks a 350 year old math problem set by Sir Isaac Newton. Math solution can predict the flight path of a thrown ball and how it will bounce off a wall. READ MORE

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Find more history here. Genius biography.

Beethoven wrote music that was considered a work of genius. The term "global genius" could be used to describe any of these famous people and others.

Houdini was considered an escape genius with some of his performances.

Bobby Fisher was the youngest person to claim the title of Grand Chess Master. His chess moves were considered "genius" at some times.

History has seen genius abilities in various fields and categories.

Einstein is often thought of as a genius, his IQ score was around 160 which is slightly lower than genius rating.

Galileo was considered a genius although his work is more famous in the astrological community.

Famous painters and artists will also "coin" the term "a stroke of genius" to some master pieces.Example, the Mona Lisa which is familiar to most people.