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Genius origins. Ancient Rome.  Latin for inspiring, talented. Associated with having unprecedented insight. Many claim to have it. Its like a myth. Talked and heard about, but rarely ever seen. Kind of like online SEO (search engine optimization) guru's also. 95% of them can not optimize their own web site. BS you say? Use the free tools at and see what I mean. Basic 301 direct usually missing. Flashy site means nothing to a search robot. Code and content is king.


Search engine optimization is an ongoing task. Algorithm changes by the main search engines have punished some web sites. Page rank loss and site exposure has dropped in many instances. Use "White-Hat" seo to obtain your rankings.

Welcome to Globe Genius. Here you will find a collection of my work and some resources. Learn from my years of experimenting and finding what works for web site traffic.View the extra pages of this website to find more information. ( Tab boxes up top.)


is taking the internet to new marketing strategies and has more relevance in search returns for certain categories and topics. Search engine Robots have algorithm that are coded to filter specific phrases and other data relevant to the search queried.

Globe Genius is a domain name I purchased several years ago.I use it as an online "handle" on various sites. 

If you take the time to review my web site you will see various projects I have done.Some better than others of course. Although I build web sites, my main center of concentration has been SEO (search engine optimization) One can have a very visual pleasing website but you want people to be able to find it easily online.

Search robots do not always read flash content unless it is coded with the html correctly

Learn how to make a site map and add it to your web site.Then you add it to your domain using web master tools. It must be uploaded in both places for it to work properly.

Site Map Generator

If your are going to monetize a website using Google Ad Sense, you must have a privacy policy in place

You can easily generate one


Having good key words is a basic rule to create traffic to your web site. Use the keyword checker here to find the best ones that relate to your website.

Keep in mind that it is computer generated and you might have some better ones that relate specifically to your web space content.

Utilize any Ad Word credits you come across. Spending just a few dollars can greatly increase your global exposure. Take the time to read how to fine tune your Ad Sense campaign to get the biggest "bang for your buck".


Ad Word campaign can be formatted in several different marketing ads. You can place bids on the top "Keywords" that are best suited or tailored to your site. Great features like automate generated  ads which you can choose which to use. Taylor your budget and stop and start dates.

Joining Digital Point forums is a great way to learn tips and tricks for building web sites. Interact with members and discuss your ideas and get feedback. Other sites you can join are warrior forum and mashable.

There is many others but these are some of the most popular ones.

Need a domain name or want to add to your inventory? Globe genius manages a super fast domain registry. HOSTNHUB  A free website is included with every domain purchased. You also get an email account and many more options. Google Ad Word credits to give your web site even more exposure. The domains are hosted on multiple data bases world wide. This gives your web site great internet exposure compared to just being on a local server.